On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November Bureau Europa will be the epicentre of a new cultural festival about storytelling and experiencing the city. Designers, architects, and artists place a lot of meaning in their works. But sometimes this can be difficult for others to read or to experience. Telling stories about the work/design make it easier to understand; focusing on the relationship between amateur and professional, artist and spectator, designer and object, or architect and city, can do this. Stories and words give meaning to things. On Saturday 10 November, there is plenty to experience throughout Maastricht: workshops will be open and events and performances will be organised for local residents at various locations, 'Small', 'medium', and 'large' tours of the city will depart from Bureau Europa, where a studio will be set up, led by prominent cultural ambassadors like Marjolein van der Loo, artist and biologist Stefan Cools, curator Guus van Engelshoven and actor/director Romy Roelofsen and pastor Alfons Kurris. An other important ingredient of l’Art pour Elkaar are the performances on the street, some special locations and at Bureau Europa. Artist/curator Joep Vossenbeld has asked a few artists/designers to develop special interventions and performances. Wander around and look at the works and performances of: Maarten van den Berg Miriam Sentler Pol Veldhuizen Rod Summers Cmunz artists Jet Nuij Jeremy Olson Joris Hilterman Meet Maastricht tour Meet Maastricht is very happy to participate in this new cultural festival offering pre and post industrial Maastricht tours, free of charge! Let's discover the story of industrial Maastricht together! Both tours are free of charge, but registration is necessary! Link for bookings and more info below. Saturday 10.11- Pre industrial Maastricht Sunday 11.11- Post industrial Maastricht Curator: Joep Vossebeld & Saskia van Stein Graphic identity: Studio NOTO - Ivo Straetmans and Studio Eikenhorst - Dennis van Eikenhorst Production: Emily Marr & Laura Selvi If you would like more information, please send an email with your question to: